Marlon muebeitoa yu ajue beisie.

Marlon muebeitoa yu ajue beisie.
Let's learn a foreign language!

quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

A little Hiri Motu - Um pouco de Hiri Motu

Hiri Motu is the common language of Papua New Guinea which developed from a local language called "Motu". It is the official language of that island, together with Tok Pisin, a blend of English and native languages.

Technically, both languages are considered "pidgins" by the linguists. A "pidgin" is a simplified language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common, in situations such as trade.


I - Lau
You (singular) - Oi
You...plural... - Umui
He, she, it - ia
They - idia
We (inclusive, I and you) - ita
We (exclusive we but you) - ai

Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns

My - Egu
Mine - Lau-egu
Your (singular) - Emu
Yours (singular) - Oi-emu
Your (plural) - Emui
Yours (plural) - Umui-emui
His, her, it - Ena
His, hers, its - iena
Their - Edia
Theirs - idia-edia
Our (exclusive) - Emai
Ours (exclusive) - Ai-emai
Our (inclusive) - Eda
Ours (inclusive) - iseda

How are you? (singular) - Oi namo?
Yes, I’m fine - io, lau namo.

How are you? (plural) - Umui namo?
Yes, we’re fine - io, ai namo

Good day! - Dina namona!
Good morning - Daba namona!
Good afternoon - Adorahi namona!
Good evening - Hanuaboi namona!
Goodbye - Ba mahuta!

Yes - io
Yes - Oibe
No - Lasi

I'm not sure – Sedira...
I couldn't care less – Sedira.

That's for sure! – Momokani!
Wait a moment! – Dohore!
Stop! – Vadaeni!
That will suffice. – Vadaeni.
That’s enough – Vadaeni.

Please – Mani
Please – Mani emu kara
Please – Pilisi

Good – Namo
Very good - Namo herea
Thank you – Tanikiu

Who? – Daika?
What? – Dahaka?
Who is that? – Unai be daika?
What is this? – Inai be dahaka?
What is the name of this? – Inai gau ena ladana be dahaka?
What is that boy's name? – Unai mero ena ladana be daika?
Whose? – Daika ena?

How many? – Dida?
How many altogether? – Ibounai hida?

How much for this fish? – Inai gwarume ena davana hida?
Which? – Edena?
Which do you want? – Oi ura edena?
Which do you want? – Edena oi ura?
When did he come? – Edena negai ia mai?
How shall I do it? – Edena bamona lau karaia?
Where? – Edeseni ai

Why? – Badina dahaka
Where is the dance? – Mavaru gabuna be edeseni ai?
Why hasn't he come? – Badina dahaka ia mai lasi?

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