Marlon muebeitoa yu ajue beisie.

Marlon muebeitoa yu ajue beisie.
Let's learn a foreign language!

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Yuelami script

Finally, I have managed to enter into the computer the script for my conlang that I had already devised by hand and which I was using to write on paper, but now I can actually type it in the word editor! It's called "Yu Ravue" and I resorted to fonstruct website to draw it.

What do you think it ressembles? Some people told me that it reminded them of the Arabic script. I think it's similar to Georgian and Quenya alphabet. Although it is written like Arabic, from right to left (because I myself am left-handed), each symbol stands for one letter (vowel and consonant in full). The Tibetan script makes use of a little dot between words to mark the end and the beginning of a word, so I thought it would be helpful in Yuelami as well, since the letters are alike. It is a good tool to avoid missunderstanding and confusion. Even the "period mark", "comma", "question mark", "exclamation mark" and the "quotes" need that little dot between them.

I am going to post another time an image of each symbol with its Latin letter (or letter combination) equivalent.

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